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We provide world-class business transformation and technology talent to international cross-industry clients, from FTSE 100 to boutique organisations. With over 20 years of combined expertise, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with delivering complex change.

Unrivalled Network

Over 80% of our success is the result of proactive headhunting and referrals from our extensive network. We use a variety of sourcing techniques to ensure that we connect top talent with our diverse client base in the most efficient way possible.

Personal Touch

Our bespoke service means that all of our clients and candidates are assigned their own dedicated consultants who are specialists in their respective fields. We focus on developing long-term relationships that enable us to build entire teams and departments with our intimate business knowledge.


We believe that honesty facilitates the very best relationships and we are not afraid to make difficult decisions in order to preserve the integrity of our partnerships. This creates a mutual respect that allows us to deliver our clients' and candidates' aspirations more effectively.


Our consultants come from a wide range of different cultural and occupational backgrounds. We believe that talent doesn't conform to a particular profile and actively encourage like-minded clients to break down prohibitive boundaries in the corporate world.

Thought Leadership

As an influential consultancy firm we are able to offer many services beyond recruitment, such as strategic planning advice, expert analysis and industry-leading events. Our specialist team has an unparalleled understanding of key trends and current market conditions.

Change the way you recruit

The actions and steps taken to achieve the end-state of the change; also, any modifications in how work gets done as a result of the change.

DVF can help you build a better performing, sustainable and more efficient organisation and support you to get the most out of your existing people, assets and systems.


Those involved and impacted, either during the change, or as a result of it - the values and behaviours required to enact change; also, the introduction, or modification, of these as a result of the change.

We ensure that everything we do is focused on improving your core measures of organisational and people performance such as employee retention and engagement, and DVF supports wider business performance improvement programmes that have process optimisation and data management at their heart.


DVF can help you build a better performing, sustainable and more efficient organisation and support you to get the most out of your existing people, assets and systems.


The use of tools and techniques to effect the change; also, the introduction, or modification, of tools required to accomplish work in the target state.

DVF understands that technology and data are now the underpinnings of a company’s processes and efficiency. As a company grows, changes, expands product lines, etc. it needs an evaluation of its systems, processes and data. We have deep expertise in the area of technology and data at every level including an unrivalled network of senior technology professionals.

The Formula

At DVF we constantly strive to offer deep expertise in change and transformation and ensure we are helping our clients to deliver successful and sustainable change in their businesses – This is why our name encompasses the globally recognised formula for successful change.

The Beckhard-Harris change model describes the conditions necessary for change to occur.

Dissatisfaction x Vision x First Steps > Resistance

The change formula implies that all three elements on the left side, Desire, Vision and First Steps must be present for change to occur.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo

All changes begin with (a) dissatisfaction with the current state.

A vision for change

When individuals or groups desire change, but cannot identify a ‘’way out’’, the result is anger, depression, frustration, anxiety and/or apathy. Whatever the reaction, it is seldom positive. Mobilising the energy generated by a desire for change requires a Vision.

First step

While dissatisfaction without vision often leads to despair, Vision without action is no more than a ‘’castle in the air’’, a great idea without a roadmap. This too can create frustration and feelings of helplessness, feelings which often result in apathy and/or cynicism.

Resistance to change

In order that the product of desire, vision, and first steps is greater than the resistance to change, it is important to have a method of gauging the degree and nature of resistance.

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